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Principles, Aims & Ethos

Our mission is to:

  • Provide an ambitious education offering that is tailored to the needs, interests and abilities of learners with SEND, while maintaining the unique ethos and specialisms of each school;
  • Support education professionals and others, challenging them to raise standards and promote excellence across all schools;
  • Work with families, professionals, the wider community and other stakeholders to secure aspirational outcomes and strengthen belief in a positive future for children and young people with SEND;
  • Promote high quality, effective governance for all schools;
  • Deliver high educational standards, be a centre of excellence and promote the Trust’s good practices;
  • Use the latest proven educational advances in the education of special needs pupils; and
  • Maintain high standards of professional training and development for staff to ensure that they can deliver the high standard of education required

Our aims:

  • We will work closely together and support each other as we drive towards excellence in all aspects of our children's education.
  • We will share expertise, best practice and resources to ensure value for money.
  • We will achieve economies of scale through commissioning of services and purchasing of resources.
  • We will streamline services and provide them centrally and more cost-effectively.
  • We will work together to find, develop and retain teachers, support staff and leaders.
  • We will support and challenge our schools to ensure that every child is taught well throughout his/her school life.
  • We will involve all our stakeholders in the life of our schools and enjoy good relationships with parents and our wider community

Our Schools