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Outstanding Linden Bridge

We are proud to be an Outstanding school and our pupils make rapid and sustained progress during their time here.

Linden Bridge was awarded Outstanding by Ofsted at our last inspection in 2013 under the Education Act 2005, and the top grade was given to our school across all the key areas inspected.

“High quality teaching across the school results in pupils being fully engaged and thoroughly enjoying their learning,” the inspectors said.

“All groups of pupils, including those with additional special educational needs, achieve very well during their time at Linden Bridge. As a result, they make excellent progress, achieving particularly well in reading, communication and personal development.

“Lessons are exciting. Teachers promote a calm and productive atmosphere and provide challenging tasks that fully engage pupils in learning and inspire their interests. Outstanding teaching is evident in all areas of the school,” adds the report, published in 2013.

Our specialist teaching and high-quality provision for a range of subjects mean our pupils have the best possible chance to both enjoy their learning and succeed. This enables our secondary-aged students to develop both their interests and their skills to the highest level.

“Pupils really enjoy all aspects of school life. They are polite and helpful and eager to please. Most show their enthusiasm by joining in happily with all the activities. Those who find engaging with others difficult, because of their autism, are guided carefully to their own specific choice of activity,” inspectors noted.

Our residential facility makes an ‘exceptionally strong’ contribution to school life and to the success of our students. Close collaboration between staff and the flexible residential arrangements mean provision is tailored.

We have a very skilled staff providing excellent support in nurturing a safe environment and the achievements of our students are accurately recorded. Our teachers expect the best of pupils and we have effective strategies to enable fast-paced learning.

Teaching in the sixth form is ‘inspirational’ and relationships between staff and students are highly positive with collaborative working. Our teachers promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students in a variety of ways - preparing them very well for the future.

Our on-site swimming pool means many students learn to swim while they are with us and they benefit hugely from this facility.

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