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Olympic visitor at Linden Bridge

Earlier this week Linden Bridge welcomed Olympic long  jumper Ezekiel Ewulo for an afternoon.

There was a whole school assembly, attended also by a few parents, during which Ezikiel spoke about his career and many achievements.  The talk was supplemented with some fantastic visuals and he gave a demonstration of the build up to a jump and then he performed a long jump for the school - and it was very long!

Staff and pupils were invited  to have a go as well and, needless to say, no-one could quite match Ezekiel's distance!

The afternoon also included a question and answer time when our pupils did themselves proud with the range of questions they put to Ezekiel.

Following the assembly, all classes had the opportunity of spending ten minutes with Ezekiel and to go through just a couple of his warm up routines. 

As you may well imagine there were some who really gave their all, and others thought that maybe an Olympic medal isn't for them.

The afternoon absolutely flew by and Ezekiel was great at taking on board the different levels and understanding of our pupils. 

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