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Nine reasons to choose West Hill

There are many good reasons to choose West Hill School, but here are just nine we thought you should know about:

  1. Progress: All groups of students make outstanding progress and when they leave have nationally recognised qualifications.
  2. Achievement: A whole-school approach to literacy sees excellent results with a challenging approach to learning.
  3. Skills: maths and science are equally as outstanding with successful collaboration the pupils all help each other.
  4. Expectations: We have the highest expectations of our students and forge strong relationships with them so they know what is required.
  5. Happy: students enjoy coming to school and get on very well together with outstanding attitudes to learning.
  6. Vision: a strong leadership team has great vision for the future of the school.
  7. Partnership: There is a strong partnership with the local authority and other schools resulting in training for mainstream teachers.
  8. Exemplary: Behaviour in lessons and around the school with an excellent impact on positive attitudes to learning.
  9. Safe: Students said they feel safe at all times both in school and in the playground. They understand how to stay safe in the community.

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