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Important merger update

As staff, students and schools get back in the swing of a new version of school routine following the end of school lockdown, we felt now was a good time to inform everyone about the latest progress on the LIFT partnership’s merger with the Howard Partnership Trust (THPT), and what will be happening over the coming months.


Trustees plan to enter a memorandum of understanding with THPT, to ensure that over the course of this term and until the merger is completed, LIFT staff will have full access to the support and services of THPT, to make the merger as seamless as possible.

As part of this, THPT will undertake due diligence of our operations, by looking through our documentation, carrying out their own audits and making on-site inspections at our schools. We will keep all stakeholders, be they governors, staff or parents, fully informed of developments along the way, and are happy to share any relevant information whenever and however possible.

To help with this, LIFT’s trustees have appointed Dr Emma Slaughter to work as an Interim Deputy CEO alongside our current Interim CEO, Louise Ling.
Emma has huge experience in the worlds of special school leadership and in working with a variety of local authorities, and will take particular responsibility for school improvement.

Louise will focus on LIFT’s COVID-19 response, and together they will guide the Trust through what is sure to be an exciting and rewarding next stage of the merger process.

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