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Find out how we challenge everyone to do their best

West Hill school, a founding partner of LIFT,  believes in challenging students to be the very best they can and there are high expectations from the whole family, which you will discover if you join us.

Teachers will challenge all groups and plan tasks which encourage them to think for themselves and try things out. As a result, students at our school put in a lot of effort to be the first to finish their work to the standards we expect.

The most able of our students at West Hill are encouraged with higher levels of challenge to help them reach their full potential. They will take nationally-recognised qualifications including GCSEs in maths, English and science or work-related accreditation to support them in their future.

Our students make excellent progress in reading and writing with the help of our whole-school approach in ensuring regular practice. Communication skills are key at every level and we use signing and symbols for those who may find it more difficult.

Innovative approaches to teaching reading and the sounds letters make ensures that our students improve their reading and writing skills from the very start of their journey with us.

Our students collaborate and help each other and have great opportunities to learn about the world of work with regular visits to East Surrey College which helps to prepare them well for the future.

The rich range of subjects and topics we offer helps students enjoy all aspects of their learning and they enjoy school while achieving outstandingly well across the board.

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