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Clear focus for pupils

All our pupils achieve very well and as a result they make excellent progress as we have a clear focus on improvement.

At Linden Bridge, we ensure students are challenged to take on responsibilities and make decisions and choices about their own lives at every opportunity while offering the support and guidance necessary.

During their time with us, students will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities, from performing in school productions to trips and links with other schools. They will also benefit from independence training which has resulted in some older students traveling independently on buses to attend college.

There is a very strong emphasis on supporting individual needs and this helps students to achieve well, whatever their difficulties and these achievements are accurately recorded.

The performance of our teaching staff is very effectively monitored and they are regularly challenged to improve their own skills while being fully involved in measuring how well the school is doing.

As a member of the partnership, Linden Bridge works closely with other schools to support each other and drive excellence in all aspects of our community. We share expertise, best practice and resources to ensure every child is taught well and has the very best start.

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