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Trustees are:

Ian Wilson - Chair

Steve Avis

Martin Burke

Gabrielle O'Meara

Doug MacLennan

John Parker

Gee Harvey

Catherine Pavlides



The Trustees are responsible for the general control of the Trust in accordance with the provisions set out in the Articles of Association and this SoD. The Board of Trustees is the accountable body for the performance of all Academies within the Trust and as such must: 

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Hold the CEO to account for the educational performance of the Academies and their pupils, and the performance management of staff; and 
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the Trust and make sure its money is well spent. 

As mentioned above, the Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. Therefore, Trustees must comply with company, education and charity law requirements. This results in the terms 'Trustees' and 'Directors' being used interchangeably. However, the Articles of Association refer to 'Trustees'. The use of the term Trustee also differentiates between executive officers with the job title director but who are not actually Companies House registered directors. 

While Trustees can serve as Members, best practice recognises that the Members are responsible for holding the Trustees to account. Therefore, there should be separation between the Members and Trustees. The exception to this is the Chair of Trustees who sits as a Member to create a link between the Members and Trustees. 

The Board of Trustees is permitted to exercise all the powers of the Trust. The Board of Trustees will delegate to the CEO responsibility for the day to day operations of the Trust. 

The Trustees (with the consent of the Members in respect of changes to the Board of Trustees), have the right to review and adapt its governance structure at any time which includes removing delegation.

The Board of Trustees meet on a [termly] basis. The Board of Trustees also has three core committees, Resources, Standards and Improvements and Audit which meet on a [termly] basis, to enable more scrutiny and challenge. These committees are made up of Trustees with the relevant skills but, subject to the consent of the Board of Trustees, external advisors, LGB representatives, Headteachers, Staff and Parent representatives may also attend any committee meetings to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees but shall not have voting rights.


The Chair of the Standards Committee is Gabrielle O'Meara and the Chair of the Resources & Audit Committee is Steve Avis.



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